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     While no divorce (marriage dissolution) is easy, the process you use to get to your divorce decree can make a huge difference.  Choosing mediation and the right mediator can be the most cost effective way to get divorced.   Most of us have seen or known people who have spent more money than they could afford fighting things out in the court system or with adversarial lawyers representing them.

     And, from an emotional perspective, using mediation in your divorce can help to preserve your ability to work together in the future.  We have all seen divorced couples who have trouble attending family events long after their divorce is final.  If this is something you want to avoid, you want to seriously consider mediation.  

     Finally, most of us want to find our own solutions that work for us, rather than having decisions and solutions imposed upon us.   Mediation and agreements reached in divorce and family law mediation are entirely voluntary.  No decisions will be imposed upon you in the mediation process.    

‚Äč     Divorce mediation with Marcia gives you a skilled attorney mediator with years of experience in family law using a process that allows spouses to feel understood, safe, and respected.  

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